Harley J. Stucky



Selected Works

o Harley J. Stucky, "Stucky, Jacob (1824-1893)," www.gameo.org/encycl...term=stucky,%20jacob (GAMEO, 1959; accessed 2009 Dec 16). Jacob Stucky.

o Harley J. Stucky, A Century of Russian Mennonite History in America: Centennial Edition 1874-1974 (North Newton, KS: Mennonite Press, Inc., 1973).

o Martin H. Schrag, The European History of the Swiss Mennonites from Volhynia, ed. Harley J. Stucky (Newton, KS: Graphic Images, 1974).

o Harley J. Stucky, The Swiss Mennonite Memorial Monument: Is it Inspirational Art, Symbolic Expression or History? (Newton, KS: Graphic Images, Inc., 1999).

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