Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 10:20:48 EDT
Subject: Re: Letter

Interesting info about the quilt -

I have 3 quilts that came from the Goods, and of course didn't write down
what my parents told me about them! (bad girl!)

I believe I remember hearing that they came in a trunk from Uncle John Good
who lived in Colorado. That trunk came to our house while we still lived in
KS. I remember it being on our front screen porch.

I'm sure Uncle John Good didn't do the quilting!!! He was never married. So
maybe mine were quilted by Aunt Fannie (Good) Brenneman also. I just looked
in your book, Aunt Jane, on p 240. It says that Aunt Fannie died in CO. The
other people that may have lived there for a while were Uncle Sam & Aunt
Minnie Winey - I think, but not real sure....