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          Early Good History


I believe some of the information in this section was sent to Phyllis Fulk by Judith Beery Garber (1897-1987).  Judith and her father, William Beery (1852-1956), were the authors of:


Beery Family History, by William Beery and Judith Beery Garber, copyright 1957 by Judith Beery Garber, Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois 1957. 


When Phyllis Fulk was gathering information for her 1976 Beery book, Judith sent her a lot of information she had collected on the Goods, including information that Phyllis didn’t need for her book.  Judith’s grandmother was Fanny Good Beery (1816-1892), daughter of David Good (1788-?) and Barbara Neiswander (1792-?).


Some of the information about Peter (Gut) Good’s arrival date in America conflicts with the information in the article, Six Good Families of Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, by Jane Evans Best and Howard C. Francis, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, July 1989.


On some of the pages there is handwriting that is hard to read.  If it is information that you really need, please let me know, and I will try to get the information for you off of my original copy.


Ginny Traycik


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Page 1

Letter from Mrs. Brandon M. Cordes to Phyllis Fulk, date unknown

Page 2

Back side of letter

Page 3

Letter from Judith Beery Garber to Phyllis Fulk dated 4/20/1975 giving corrections

Page 4

Will of Petter Good, believed to be the same as Peter (Gut) Good (ca. 1690-1754)

Page 5

At top of this page, Phyllis Fulk wrote, “These sheets from Judith Good Garber”, author Beery History 1957.  Phyllis meant to give Judith’s maiden name as Beery.  I believe pages 005-039 appear to have been information that Judith complied and sent to Phyllis.

Page 5 starts with Peter (Guth) Good, the immigrant, who appears to be the same as the Peter Good on Page 4.

Page 6

Peter Good’s son, Jacob and his two sons, Peter and Jacob

Page 7

Jacob Good, II, (1740?-1803)

Page 8

Page 339 of Phyllis Fulk’s Beery book, giving additional details

Page 9

Abraham Good, second child of Jacob

Page 10

Jonas Good (1794-1881), 2nd child of Abraham

Page 10a

Last 2 children of Jonas

Page 11

Daniel Good (1781-1845), 8th child of Jacob II

Page 12

Pages 12-14

Jacob Good, died 4/30/1900, 1st child of Daniel Good, and his 13 children

Page 13


Page 14


Page 15

Noah Good (3/23/1946-2/27/1907), 6th child of Jacob shown on p12

Page 16

Pages 16

Children & grandchildren of Noah Good on p15

Page 17

Pages 17-18

John Irving Good b 4/27/1880, 6th child of Noah on p15

Page 18


Page 19

Henry Good, died Aug 1858, 6th child of Daniel Good on p11

Page 20

Pages 20-21

Christian Good  b 9/3/1842, 1st child of Henry Good on p19

Page 21


Page 22

Children of Daniel Good on p23

Page 23

Daniel Good, 2nd child of Henry Good on p19

Page 24

Barbara Good (3/18/1848-3/15/1880), 4th child of Henry Good on p19

Page 25

Henry H Good (1/19/1850-10/10/1908), 5th child of Henry Good on p19

Page 26

Sarah Good (3/31/1852-6/15/1891), 6th child of Henry Good on p19

Page 27

David Good (12/4/1786-8/21/1840), 10th child of Jacob Good II on p7

Page 28

Pages 28-30

Fanny Good (12/21/1816-1/30/1892), 3rd child of David Good on p27

Page 29


Page 30


Page 31

Joseph Good m Magdalena Campbell Gamel

Page 32

P340 of Beery book with addtl notes

Page 33

Pages 33-40

Information on Christian Good b ca. 1690, brother of Peter Good (1690-1754)

Page 34


Page 35


Page 36


Page 37


Page 38


Page 39


Page 40

Copy of Will of Christian Good

Page 41

Three brothers came to America 1737-38

Page 42

The “Good” Ancestry and Mennonite History

Page 43

Continuation of p42

Page 44

P12 of Mennonite Research Journal, date unknown

Page 45

Christian Nieswander

Page 46

References – possibly from Judith Beery Garber

Page 47

Pages 47-49

1850 Fairfield County, Ohio Census

Page 48


Page 49


Page 50

Pages 50-73

The Kansas City Genealogist – A Lineage of Jacob Good and his brother Christian Good, contributed by Mrs. Ruth (Good) Baker

Page 51


Page 52


Page 53


Page 54


Page 55


Page 56


Page 57


Page 58


Page 59


Page 60


Page 61


Page 62


Page 63


Page 64


Page 65


Page 66


Page 67


Page 68


Page 69


Page 70


Page 71


Page 72


Page 73


Page 74

Pages 74-77

The Good Family – article about Christian Good

Page 75


Page 76


Page 77


Page 78

Pages 78-81

Letter to Phyllis dated 5/22/1982 from Mr. Ira Kurtz Jr, telling about his wife, who is a daughter of Merlin Isaac Good, Allen Co OH

Page 79


Page 80


Page 81


Page 82

Pages 82-84

Letter from Phyllis dated 6/8/1982 to Mr. Ira Kurtz Jr

Page 83


Page 84


Page 85

Unknown information

Page 86

Unknown information

Page 87

Portrait & Biographical Record Allen Co. Ohio – Abraham Good d 3/12/1892 m Rebecca Rhodes (8/15/1827-12/7/1901)

Page 88

Handwritten note about Abraham P Good & Joseph C Good – author unknown

Page 89

Elizabeth Good m Henry Rhodes – information written by Grace Showalter, Librarian at Eastern Mennonite

Page 90

Pages 90-92

Rev. Andrew Good & Diannah Hendricks – author unknown

Page 91


Page 92


Page 93

Page entitled “History of Bishop John M. Sauder Family and Related Groups”

Page 94

1/16/1979 letter from Mennonite Historical Bulletin to Phyllis

Page 95

Pedigree Chart from Mrs. Ruth Good Henson on James “Ervin” Good line

Page 96

Letter dated 5/10/1979

Page 97

Letter dated 5/29/1979 – info about Henry Rhodes, husband of Elizabeth Good

Page 98

Handwritten notes

Page 99

Pages 9-100 

Mary Good Story – the Dayton Daily News, date unknown

Page 100