Guth/Gutt/Good Research Group


"The Guth/Gutt/Good newsletter is a forum for the exchange of genealogical research data between persons researching the surnames GUTH, GUTT and GOOD, or derivatives of these surnames." (1)

This is a good source of information about these families. The site is password protected and registration is required, but there is no charge.

Newsletter Editor: Herb Good
DNA Editor:  Robert A. Good


1. Herb Good ed., "Guth Gutt Good Newsletter Issue Number 066," (2007 May/Jun; accessed 2010 Feb 12).

2. Robert A. Good, "Guth Gutt Good DNA Project," (Guth/Gutt/Good Research Group; accessed 2010 Aug 19). Acces to this site is free, but registering is required.

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