G. Frederick Young



Family Material

o G. Frederick Young, "John Groh and the Earliest Emigration of River Brethern from Pennsylvania to the District of Niagara in Canada in 1788" in Pennsylvania Menonite Heritage (Lancaster, PA: Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 1994 Jan), p16-27. Also localhost/family/peo...94/John-Groh/hs.html (2015 Dec 7). John Groh.

o G. Frederick Young, "An Early (or Earliest) Mennonite Groh in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania" in Mennonite Family History (Elverson, PA: Mennonite Family History, 1997 Apr), p74-76. Also localhost/family/peo...ubs/1997/EMG/hs.html (2008 Jan 25).

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