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1733 John Taylor Estate Bond

1733 Mar 5: Fronika signs this administrative bond (7) with an "F," rather than the "X" normally used by people who could not sign their full name. This bond appoints her as the executrix of the estate of her deceased husband John Taylor, which also is unusual for this time in history.

1745 May 9: Fronika Taylor, "... who has since intermarried with Peter Coot" is appointed "administratrix" of the estate of her deceased husband John Taylor. (3 p10) The 200 acres of land in the estate is valued at 477 pounds by "Henry Neuff, John Brubaker, Jacob Brubaker and Christian Stoneman." (3 p11) See John Taylor land.

?? Do Peter Coot and Fronika Taylor refer to Peter Good (GC) and his fourth wife [an error occurred while processing this directive]?

There is credible evidence for this.

- Documents (3,4) refer to Peter Coot and Fronika Taylor, the widow of John Taylor.

- Peter Good (GC) used his German name "Gut," which sounds very much like "Coot" in English. Perhaps an English clerk simply heard "Gut" and recorded "Coot." We have found no other record of "Coot" in Lancaster County.

- Peter Good (GC) held 70 acres (8,9) just a few miles north of the 200 acres owned by John Taylor. (2,8) Between them, "Jacob Heestandt" and "Henry Heestant" owned land (2), with surnames similar to [an error occurred while processing this directive]. (9)

However, this evidence has nothing, such as a Peter Coot signature, to confirm that he was Peter Good (GC). -- dg 2014 Jul 23

Rapho/East Hempfield Warrant Map (8,2)
Only the top tier is Rapho

Hans Snider, A-5-336, 1718 May 20 (2)

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