Francis Daniel Pastorius



About Pastorius

o Martin Dexter Learned with Samuel Pennypacker, The Life of Francis Daniel Pastorius, the Founder of Germantown (Philadelphia, PA: W. J. Campbell, 1908). Also (2007; accessed 2007 Nov 11).

Selected Works

o Francis Daniel Pastorius, "Germans in Pannsylvania (1684)" in American History Told by Contemporaries: Volume I, Era of Colonization 1492-1689 by Albert Bushnell Hart (Macmillian, 1900), p559-562. Also (2007; accessed 2007 Nov 11).

o Francis Daniel Pastorius, "Circumstantial Geographical Description of Pennsylvania (1700)" in Narrative of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey, and Delaware, 1630-1707, Albert Cook Myers, ed. (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1912). Also (2007; accessed 2007 Nov 11).

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