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Floyd Good

The following are my summaries of some of Floyd's pages. -- dg 2011 Mar 19

 43  Early Good History in the US

These are some of Floyd's notes. He attributes some to the "Los Angles Library." The rest he attributes to "an old family record by a Mary Elizabeth Salome Good ... dated Dec 1 1891." This second part closely resembles what we now about the family of [an error occurred while processing this directive].

101  Parents Jacob & Judith Gaiser

This is a family group sheet under the logo of Pearl Brenton. The large writing at the bottom is Floyd's. See (1) for a similar sheet and additional comments.

102  Son Jacob and Sarah Gaiser

Floyd says the source of this page is "Uncle Charles Gaiser." That probably refers to Floyd's Uncle Charles J. Gaiser.


o Floyd Good, "Family History Collection G," held by Ginny Traycik (1979). Selections (2011 Mar 19). About Good Family, Gaiser Family.


1. "Jacob and Judith Gaiser Family" in "Gaiser Family Historty Collection" (No author, no date). Also (2012 Aug 17). Jacob Gaiser family. Held by Jeff Gaiser.

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