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Floyd Good
1973 Dec 6
(Original Letter)

Editor's Note. This is a transcription by Ginny Good Traycik of a letter written by her father to his nephew John Good at John's request. I have prepared it for web viewing and the notes in [...] also are my doing. -- dg 2001 Aug 3.

A digital copy of the 13 pages of the original letter also is now available. -- dg 2006 Oct 30

Dec 6, 1973

Dear nephew & family

When we were in Kansas you asked me to write some information that I knew about the Good family History. So I finally got some things down on paper as I remember being told by my grandfather [Joel] and my father [I. B.]. If you want to rewrite things it might be better reading. some things came to mind as I was writing as a few places things could be improved.

We are planning on starting for Florida Monday, Dec 12. Had a few things to be taken care of before getting away, so it all takes time.

Hope you and family will have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

With Best wishes,

Your Uncle Floyd

Joel Good family History

My grandparents [Joel and Susanna] were born near Breman Ohio. I remember him telling that there were bear and deer in the woods.

One time he and his older Bro Aaron cornered a deer in the barn lot and killed it with an axe, their father [David] scolded them for doing it, as the deer could have struck at them with its front feet and killed them.

Another time his father shot a bear that had mauled a sow that was running loose in the woods.

The young people would go together in groups to entertainments often times on foot.

My father [I. B.] told that one of his mother's [Susanna] bros when he went to see his lady friend the third time everybody went to the wedding.

A few years after my grandparents [Joel and Susanna] were married they moved to northwestern Ohio in the Lima and Elida area.

I think they only lived there a few years until they had a sale and moved to Missouri.

When moving from Ohio somewhere they stayed with some people that had just baked fresh bread, they said it was a shame to cut fresh bread. My grandparents thot they were not welcome.

I have a chair that was in their set of furniture that was sold at the sale. Somehow a relative at Goshen, Ind had it, then gave it to Aunt Minnie Winey when they moved to Goshen Ind, she gave it to my bro, Archie after he passed away June gave it to me.

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