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1863 Oct 22:  Born in Dakota Township IL to Daniel Meyer and Matilda ???. (7)

1885 Jan 8: Edwin Deitz Lauck marries Emma Jane Meyer in Rockford, IL. (5 p263ff)

  1886 Apr 13: Lottie May
  1888 Sep 29: Frances Pearl
  1889 Dec 29: Blanche Meyer
  1897 Jan 15: Edwin Leroy

In Illinois, Edwin is a farmer. (6)

From Illinios, the Lauck family moves to Spencer, IA, where E. D. operates a creamery and ice cream factory. He spends much of his leisure time fishing, and also plays his fiddle for community dances. (5 p5) (6)

1905: The Lauck family moves to Fairplay church community near Peabody, KS. (4)

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Former Lauck farm

1914 Oct 13: Emma Jane buys for $5 the NE 1/4 of Sec. 35-T22S-R3E in Marion Co, KS. from her parents Daniel & Matilda Meyer of Stephenson Co., IL. (2)

Emma, grandson Bobby, and Edwin (4)
Bobby born in 1926

See (5 p42ff) for more about the Lauck family during this time in their lives.

1927: Edwin suffers a stroke, and his health began to fail. (6)

1929: Edwin and Emma move into the town of Peabody. (6)

1933 Nov 20: Edwin Deitz Lauck dies at the home of his daughter Mrs. Oscar Huguenin in Peabody, KS; buried at Peabody's Prairie Lawn Cemetery. (6)

1945 Nov 16: Emma Jane Meyer Lauck dies at her home in Peabody, KS; buried at Prairie Lawn Cemetery. (7)

Former Lauck farm homesite, 2001. (1)
View west from northeast corner

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