Edwin Leroy Lauck

Roy, Shorty

Although he was over six feet tall, they called him "Shorty."

1897 Jan 15: Born to Edwin Deitz Lauck and Emma Jane Meyer. (1)

1922 Oct 6: Edwin Leroy Lauck marries Marie Morgan. (1)

  1926 Jul  3: Robert Morgan
  1928 Nov 21: James Edwin

Life in Peabody
From Laura Cole (2)

I did talk to my uncle Jim tonight, though, and he had a few interesting (to me) stories set in Peabody, though.

- The owner of the bank would give out a penny to each kid he met on the street. So, my dad and Jim got their pennies, then circled around the block to meet him coming the other way, and back again, until he caught on. Then they didn't get any more pennies.

- My dad would read "Big Little Books" (I think) at the book store, until they kicked him out, but he never bought any.

He also said it was a much bigger town in the 30's than it is now, which confirms what an older guy I met on the street said last August. He said the streets were bustling with people, cars, etc.

Summer Visit Exchanges
From Jane Good (3)

After Shorty and Marie moved to Amery, WI, they sometimes would return to the Peabody, KS area in the summers to visit. Sometimes Oscar Huguenin and his wife Pearl (of Peabody) would go to Amery to take care of Shorty and Marie's farm while they visited Peabody. (Shorty was Pearl's "little" brother.)

1980 May 23: Edwin Leroy Lauck dies. (1)

1982 May 23: Marie Morgan Lauck dies. (1)


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