Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of genealogy and family history of the descendants of
Outhenyn chiez Heugeunin of LeLocle, Switzerland including Huguenin descendants with surname
variation of Hugunin, Hugonin, Hugunine, Huganir, Huguenin-Benjamin, Huguenin-Bergenat, Huguenin des Bois,
Huguenin-Bosson, Huguenin-Dumittan, Huguenin-Elie, Huguenin-Jonathen, Huguenin-Lenoir, Huguenin-l'Hardi,
Huguenin d'Hotaux, Huguenin-Richard, Huguenin-Tenet, Huguenin-Virchaux, Huguenin-Vuillemenet,
Huguenin-Vuillemin, Jeanhuguenin, Beck, Igney, Ugeny, Ignay, Ignai, Ignee and Iggne .

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 Thomas Abram Huguenin


 Abraham Huguenin


Col. George Hugunin


 Gen. James R. Hugunin


 Leonard H. Hugunin


 Capt. Abram Huguenin


 Huguenin Family



The Journal of Capt. Thomas Abram Huguenin THOMAS ABRAM HUGUENIN

Autobiography of Capt. Abram Huguenin, 1875 ABRAM HUGUENIN

Autobiography of Col. William F. Colcock, 1877 WILLIAM F. COLCOCK

Autobiography of Col. George Hugunin, U.S.A., 1889 GEORGE HUGUNIN

Memoirs of a Southerner by Edward J. Thomas MEMOIRS OF A SOUTHERNER

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