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Edward Davis

From his will (1764)

_____: Born to Gabriel Davies m S_ and Sarah _____. (1903 p146)

_____: Edward Davies m MD marries Mary Davies m ED. (1903 p146)

  _____: Ann  
  _____: James Davies m ES 
         m Elizabeth Sullivan m JD
  _____: Jane Davies m RG  
         m Robert Good (GE)  
  _____: John
  _____: Sarah m William Douglas 

Without birth dates, the children appear in alphabetical order. -- dg 2016 Oct 12

1739 Mar 3: Mary's father, Edward Davies m JM, receives land patent A-10-55 for 323 acres in Caernarvon Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA. (2013, 1804 p303)

_____: As his only child, upon the death of her father (Edward Davies m JM), Mary Davies m ED inherits all of the land he patented under A-10-55. (1804 p303 #22)

1764 Mar 1: Mary's husband Edward Davies m MD writes his will. (1764)

1764 Mar __: Edward Davies m MD dies.

1764 Mar 23: The will of Edward Davies m MD is proved in Lancaster Co., PA.

Davies (Davis) Families
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?? When did Edward Davies m MD die? The dates on his will show that he died in March 1764. Source (1903 p146) says 1746, which appears to be a simple typographical error. -- dg 2015 Feb 2

1768 Feb 3: Mary Davies m ED sells A-10-55 land to George Ross and William Smith. (1804 p303 #36)

1793: Mary Davies m ED, wife of Edward Davies m MD, dies. (1903 p146)

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