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[DRAFT] Gaiser, Good History Field Trip: 2011 Oct 19-24
Donald I Good
2011 Nov __


The timing of this trip was determined by two events. On October 20, I wanted to hear a talk in Moundridge, KS by Gary Waltner, the director of the Mennonite Research Center in Weirhof, Germany and to seek his advice about investigating the history of our Good family ancestors in Germany before they emigrated in 1727. On October 22, I wanted to attend the wedding of my niece Jodie in Colorado Springs.

This trip also provided an opportunity to search for the burial site of our great grandfather Jacob Gaiser. We have been told that he lived his final years with his son Abraham in Wellston in Lincoln Co., OK, and that he died there in 1906 and was buried in Oklahoma. However, for many years, his burial site has remained unknown. Wellston is just a few miles east of I35, which is my normal route to central Kansas. This trip also provided an opportunity to talk with Barbara Thomas in Newton, KS about the "Mystery Lady" who appears in a 1947 picture with my grandmother Elizabeth Gaiser Good and her daughter and daughters-in-law.



19 Lincoln Co., OK

20 Gary Waltner

21 Barbara Gaiser Thomas

22 Blake/Edmonds Wedding

23 Ed and Marge Harms

24 Lincoln Co. Revisited

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