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Donald I Good
2011 Jun 3

Prairie Lawn Cemetery
A/K/A Brookdell Cemetery
W/2 SW/4 Sec. 34

Burials were made on this land as early as 1871 (1,2), when it was public land under the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant.

In 1873, John D. Milliken purchased the land, including the burial ground, and it was owned privately until the Prairie Lawn Cemetery Association acquired it in 1881.

The following sequence of transactions is on file with the Register of Deeds of Marion Co., KS.

Ownership History
For W/2 SW/4 Sec. 34

-- The following is my understanding of these documents as a historian. I am not an attorney! -- dg 2011 Jun 16

1871 Jan 10 (first burial): US Gov.

1873 Oct 15: US Gov. to John D. Milliken.

?? How did J. & F. Davis acquire this land? Why is Mrs. J. D. Milliken buying it again? Are there answers in PA? -- dg 2011 Jun 17

1875 Sep 4: James and Frances Davis (Mercer Co., PA) to Mellie V. Milliken (Mercer Co., PA), $1883.

For NW/4 SW/4 Sec. 34

1876 Jul 5: John D. and Mellie V. Milliken (Mercer Co., PA) to Geo. W. Campbell, G. W. Neal, and A. B. Salisbury (Peabody, KS), $750.

1878 Mar 7: Brookdell Cemetery plat. (3)

1879 May 6: G. W. and Sarah E. Campbell and G. W. and Elsie J. Neal (Marion Co., KS) to A. B. Salisbury (Marion Co., KS), $680.

1879 Nov 28: A. B. and Helen M. Salisbury (Marion Co., KS) to John J. Funk (Marion Co., KS), $2500, includes Brookdell Cemetery and also NE/4 Sec. 2-21S-2E.

1880 Mar 31: John J. Funk to J. W. Smith, $1.

1881 Feb 1: J. W. Smith (Shawnee Co., KS) to Ferdinand Funk (Marion Co., KS), $500.

1881 Feb 16: Ferdinand Funk (Marion Co., KS) to Prairie Lawn Cemetery Association (Marion Co., KS), $500.

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