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Donald I Good
2011 Jun 2

Gaiser Family Thumbnails. These are photos of some of the Gaiser family history material of Barbara Gaiser Thomas, a cousin of Clifford Gaiser. I met them both for the first time on this trip, and I learned that both are second cousins of mine.

Catlin Cemetery Thumbnails. Thanks to the efforts of Don & Elnor Stutzman, the cemetery looked as good as I ever have seen it, and that was worth some pictures.

I also wanted to get some more pictures of the cedar tree among the graves, which might be a marker tree for the burial sites of the immigrant children from the City of Richmond. Frames 24-33 show some details of the tree.


o Donald I Good, "Gaiser Family with Barbara Thomas; Catlin Cemetery" (42 photos, 2011 Jun 2). Also Barbara Thomas, John Franklin Gaiser, Catlin Community Cemetery.


1. Lori Ross, "Re: Trip Report Preview," Email to Donald I Good, 2011 Nov 7, 8:35p. About John Franklin Gaiser photos.

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