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Donald I Good
2011 May 31

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Wedel's history of the immigrants from the S. S. City of Richmond says that while they stay in Peabody for about three weeks in Sep-Oct 1874, some of their children died, and then he says this.

"The town [Peabody] had no cemetery at this time. A few miles north there was a place with a few graves. Since there was no other way of transportation, the bodies were carried there and buried." (1 p65)

These photos of pages from the records for Peabody's Prairie Lawn Cemetery (2) and markers at the cemetery show burials there as early as 1871.

The following are only some of the burials before Nov 1874.

Pages A - F - K - M - S

1871 Jan 10 Mears, Anna
1871 Apr 14 Mears, Lottie
1871 Aug 10 Stephens, Charles
1871 Aug 15 Sands, Harry B
1871 Sep  2 Stephens, Calvin

1872 ___ __ Fisher, Job
1872 Oct 25 Alburn, Anna

1873 Oct 27 Keeve, John J.
1873 Oct 30 Kelly, Mary

1874 Oct 27 Salisbury, Mary J.



The Mears marker is for three sisters, Laura, Lottie, and Anna.


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2. "Date of Death Book" (Peabody, KS: Prairie Lawn Cemetery Association, 2011 May 31, on file City of Peabody). Selected pages localhost/family/peo...s/2011/05-31/hs.html.

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