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Donald I Good
2011 May 30

This was a Memorial Day visit to the Russian Mennonite Memorial at the Hillcrest Cemetery in Florence, KS and to the Brunk Family Cemetery near Canada, KS. I was curious to see if any flowers or decorations had been left at either place. I also wanted to see the Brunk Cemetery after the Hett family cleaned it up.

There were a few flowers at the memorial at Hillcrest.

There were no flowers at the Brunk cemetery, but some flags for a veteran. The clean up was terrific, and I discovered a Good marker that I had not noticed before.


Donald I Good, "Hillcrest and Brunk Cemeteries" (8 photos, 2011 May 30). Also www.dgatx.com/family...s/2011/05-30/hs.html. Hillcrest Cemetery, Brunk Family Cemetery.
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