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Donald I Good
2011 May 28

Vern Schrag and I visited these cemeteries as part of an ongoing search for the burial sites of the children from the City of Richmond that died in Peabody in Sep-Oct 1874. There is some historical evidence that they are buried the Catlin Community Cemetery. After the immigrants left Peabody, they went on the Santa Fe Railroad (now BNSF) to Halstead and then on the Moundridge area by other means. (1 p65ff)

This set of photos followed a visit to Catlin.

Old Halstead (Popkins) Cemetery

N 38° 0.391'   W 97° 31.757'

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This small cemetery has a marker for one of the children from the City of Richmond, John (Johann) Schrag. (2 p24) From John's grave, the Santa Fe tracks can be seen through the trees to the south.

Fairview Cemetery

N 38° 3.426'   W 97° 31.103'

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While the immigrants passed through Halstead, "Here also some children died and were buried 1/2 mile west and 3 1/2 miles north of Halstead." (1 p65) This is a good description of the location of the Fairview Cemetery from the railroad tracks as they pass midway through Halstead.

This cemetery is the burial site of a widow of a soldier of the American Revolution.

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