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Breadboard Map of Catlin Cemetery
Donald I Good
2010 Oct 28





Leave it to a bunch of old Kansas farmers to preserve a map of the cemetery of the Catlin Mennonite Church on a wooden breadboard. The idea probably worked just fine at the time, but the attempt to refinish it did not. The map is now mostly unreadable with the naked eye.

This breadboard map was given to the Kauffman Museum at Bethel College in North Newton, KS on July 5, 2012. (3)

These four photographs (1) make the map somewhat more readable. An analysis of the new images has yet to be performed. They need to be compared to other maps of the cemetery (2) and to the cemetery itself. The date when the map was created is not known, but an analysis should shed some light on when it was last updated.


o Donald I Good, "Breadboard Map of Catlin Cemetery," (2010 Oct 28). Catlin Community Cemetery.


1. The original photos were taken professionally in October 2010 at 240 pixels/inch by Holland Photo Imaging of Austin, TX.

2. Don & Elnor Stutzman, "Catlin Mennonite Cemetery," localhost/family/ (2005 Jun).

3. Rachel Pannabecker, "Gift Receipt: Catlin Cemetery Breadboard Map" (North Newton, KS: Kauffman Museum, 2012 Jul 5). Also (2012 Aug 13). Catlin Community Cemetery.

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