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Travels in Ancestral Ohio
Donald I Good
2008 Jul 8-30

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The main purpose of this trip was to talk about the ancestry of Henry Good and Elizabeth Culp to a reunion of their descendants at the Salem Mennonite Church in Elida, OH on July 12.

This provided my first opportunity for an extended Good family research trip to Ohio.

Report Update, 2011 Apr 20

The link to the reunion talk has been added, and the internal organization of this report has changed. That includes some of the links within the report.

Reunion Talk

Donald I Good, "Henry and Betty Culp Good (1851-1934)" (Elida, OH: Henry and Betty Culp Good Family Reunion, 2008 Jul 12). Also www.dgatx.com/family...8/07-12-talk/hs.html.


o Donald I Good, "Travels in Ancestral Ohio" (2008 Jul 8-30). Report Update www.dgatx.com/family...s/2008/07-TR/hs.html (2011 Apr 20).

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