Professional Summary

Donald I Good
Austin, TX

1956-1960:  Peabody High School, Peabody, KS.

1960-1965:  University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.  BA, Mathematics. Also Geologic Assistant and Computer Programmer, Kansas State Geological Survey.

1965-1970:  University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.  MS, PhD, Computer Sciences. Research on automating interactive, mathematical proofs about computer programs.

1970-1977:  Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences, University of Texas, Austin, TX.

1973-1974:  Research Scientist.  Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, Marina del Rey, CA.

1978-1987:  Associate Director, Institute for Computing Science and Computer Applications, University of Texas, Austin, TX. This research brings one of the world's first 64 Internet (ARPANET) sites to UT Austin; it was the second site in Texas.

1982-1994:  Director, Verdix Corporation, Chantilly, VA.   (Verdix merged in 1994 with Rational Software Corporation.  In 2002 Rational Software was acquired by IBM Corporation.)

1987-1995:  President, Chairman, Computational Logic, Inc.  Austin, TX. (The automatic theorem proving research done by CLInc continues within the Formal Methods Group of the Computer Sciences Dept. at UT Austin.)

1996-2002:  Exploring home and small business computing, financial management, family history, and history of computing.

2002-2004:  Adjunct Professor of Computer Sciences, University of Texas, Austin, TX. Teaching history of computing.

2004-Present:  Family History Research, 1 dg Place.