David Good

1856 Feb 6: Born to Joel Good and Agnes Hosea. (1 p22)

David Good marries Jane Wray. (1 p22)

?? Is this David Good the one buying land in deed (2). -- dg 2011 Aug 2


1. Elias H. Good, "History of the 'Goods'" (Kitchener, Ont.: 1929 Aug 5). Also www.dgatx.com/family...ubs/1929/HGA/hs.html (2008). This history, with the alternate title "History of the 'Good' Ancestry", was written for the Good reunion at Gowanstown, Ont. It also appears in "The Good Side of My Family" by Ruth Good Baker, 1967. Both are on file at Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2008 Jan 29.

2. "Re: David and Henrietta Kaeber to David H. Good" in Deed Book 80 (Register of Deeds, Marion Co., KS, 1894 Feb 21), p543. Also localhost/family/pla...s/1894/02-21/hs.html (2011 August 2). SW/4 Sec. 3-20S-3E. Copy from Daniel Foote, 2011 Jul 31.

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