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1820 Jul 29: Born in Waterloo county Ontario to Henry Wismer and Mary Cressman. (1) (2)

1843 Daniel Wismer marries Sarah Erb. (1,2)

  1844 Jan 29: Noah E.
  1846 Apr  9: Moses E.
  1847 Sep 15: Isaac E.
  1849 Apr 19: Anna Esther
  1851 Feb 18: Henry E.
  1852 Jul 14: Lydia
  1860 Jan 31: Daniel E.

1860 Aug 1: Ordained to the ministry. (1)

1877: Daniel and Sarah move to Marion Co., KS. (1,3)

1884: Daniel and Sarah receive at their home near Canada, KS a group of 33 Mennonites, who have come by train from Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania to explore buying land in central Kansas. This group includes L. L. Beck, who buys land and moves to Kansas. (6 p124-7)

1885: Both D. Wismer and H. E. Wismer appear next to Canada, KS on the 1885 atlas of Marion Co. (5)

1885 Oct 17: Sarah Erb Wismer dies (1,2); buried Brunk Family Cemetery (and moved to Hornberger Cemetery). (6 p141)

Photos from Don Stutzman, 2013

1887 Apr 9: Daniel is ordained as bishop. (1)

1887: Daniel moves the body of his wife Sarah from the Brunk Cemetery to the old Hornberger Cemetery, with the new Catlin Mennonite Church beside it. (6 p141)

Canada Area Land Owners, 1885 (5 p31)

1887 Oct 14: The German language Marion County Anzeiger reports Daniel's return to Ontario. See (8) for the original German.

"... The transaction between Mr. Erb and Daniel Wismer has been handled retroactively, so that now S. M. Lead from here has purchased Wismer's farm. Daniel E. Wismer Jr. is building a residence in Canada, while his aged father has the desire to return to the old home in Ontario (Canada). Several of his children still live there."

Yoder (6 p141) also reports Daniel returning to Canada in 1887.

1889 Sep 8: Daniel Wismer marries Lydia Musselman in Waterloo Co. Ontario. (1,2,4)

1909 May 4: Bishop Daniel Wismer dies in Berlin, Ontario. (1,2,7)

1918 Oct 31: Lydia Musselman Brubacher Wismer dies; buried Waterloo, Ontario, CA. (4)

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