I. Daniel Rupp



Selected Works

o I. Daniel Rupp, Geographical Catechism of Pennsylvania, and the Western States: Designed as a Guide and Pocket Companion for Travellers and Emigrants to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri (Philadelphia: Lord & Co. and others, 1837). Also books.google.com/boo...atechism+daniel+rupp (Accessed 2007 Nov 8).

o Benjamin Rush, M.D., An Account of the Manners of the German Inhabitants of Pennsylvania (written 1789), notes by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp (Philadelphia: Samuel P. Town, 1875). Also books.google.com/boo...bitants,+daniel+rupp (Accessed 2007 Nov 8).

o I. Daniel Rupp, A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776, ... (Philadelphia: Leary, Stuart, and Co., 1896). Also books.google.com/boo...%20D.%20rupp&f=false (Accessed 2009 Oct 23).

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