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1769 Dec 29: Born to Henry Mosser and Veronica _____. (1 p21)

Abraham Good (GC222) marries Barbara Mosser. (1 p21)

 1792 Nov  1: Anna/Nancy
 1794 Mar 25: Jonas
 1796 approx: Elizabeth
 1798 approx: Catherine
 1801 Jul 26: Esther
 1803 Oct 17: Judith
 1808       : Molly

            : Youngest Son (2)
 1810 Sep 10: Daniel

This youngest son is mentioned on p475 of Abraham's will. Both (5 p339) and (6 pEGH-009) identify this son as Daniel, but no supporting evidence is given.

1812 Aug 4: Abraham sells his share of his father's estate near Harrisonburg, VA to Jeremiah Kyle. (8)

1814 Mar 29: Abraham's will written. (2)

1814 Apr 22: Barbara dies. (1)

1814 Apr 25: Abraham's will proved. (2)

?? Abraham's wife Barbara is mentioned several times in his will suggesting that she was alive when it was written on Mar 29. The will was proved less than a month later on Apr 25. Did Abraham and Barbara really both die between March 29 and Apr 22? Is Apr 22 the right date of Barbara's death?

?? There is a grave marker at the Pine Grove Church that appears to read "A G 1814" and next to it is one that reads "B G 1810." That might be Abraham, but if "B G" is Barbara, and she died in 1810, why would Abraham mention her in his will written in 1814?

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