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1897 Oct 16: Born in Marion Co., KS to Isaac B. Good and Elizabeth May Gaiser. (1)

1922 Mar 7:Archie Lloyd Good marries June Pearl Guyot. (1)

    1924 Jan 25: Laurence Alvin
    1931 Nov 23: Mildred Maurine

The Archie Good family lived about 4.5 miles east and 1.5 miles south of Walton, KS. The home site appears on this 1918 map along the east side of Sec. 35. Both Laurence and Millie attended the school in the northeast corner of Sec. 26. See (2 frames 8-10) for pictures of this homesite taken in 2001.

The family also lived at a home near the Townsend Ranch. See (2 frames 19-33).

1967 Aug 31: Archie dies in Liberty, MO. (1)

1983 Dec 11: June dies. Buried in White Chapel Cemetery, Gladstone, MO.

Walton Twp., Harvey Co.
1918 Ogle Atlas (3)

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