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Hanna/Hannah Graeff/Graff

1707 ca.: Born to Hans Graff (Groffdale) and Susan Orendorf Kendig while they were living in Germantown, PA. (9)

Peter Good marries Anna Groff. (11)

?? Was Anna Groff the third wife of Peter Good (GC)?

She married someone named Peter Good, and someone named Peter Goode held land near Groff's Spring. (8,11,12) Peter (GC) could be both of those people, but these documents have no signature to confirm that. -- dg 2013 Nov 21

1735 Oct 23: Peter Goode warrants 100 acres that adjoin the home of Hans Groff at Groff's Spring. It is surveyed just seven days later on Oct 30. (8)

1738 Nov 8: The will of Hans Groff treats his wife Susanna and all of his children, including Anna, as living people. (18)

1737 Apr 29: Peter Goode sells his 100 acres to Peter Groff. (12)

1738 Dec 16: Peter Groff patents the 100 acres he bought from Peter Goode. (12)

1738-1740 ca.: Anna Groff dies in this time frame, provided she was the third wife of Peter Good (GC). Anna is treated as a living person in her father's will of 1738, and by late 1741, Peter Good (GC) has a son by his fourth wife Frany Hiestand.

1746 Jul 30: Anna (Groff) Good, the wife of Peter Good, does not sign the deed (11) from the heirs of Hans Graff to David Groff, indicating that she has died before this date.

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