Anna Good

1852 Mar 21: Born to Noah Good and Franses Culp.

1871 Jul 9: Emanuel Blanchard Shupe marries Anna Good in Page Co., IA. (1 NG-013)

 1872 May  3: Laura Frances
 1873 Aug 18: Bertram Ambrose
 1874 Sep  6: Nancy Elizabeth
 1876 Mar 29: Martha Olive (2)
 1878 Apr 15: Cynthia Armella (2)
 1880 Oct 25: Sarah Effie
 1884 May  5: Cora Alice
 1886 Apr  6: Christie Josephine (2)
 1888 Jul 16: Anna Inez
 1891 Aug 18: Orville Howard (2)

1872 ca.: "Emanuel Shupe and his wife who had come from [Page Co., IA to a few miles southwest of Marion, KS], in a covered wagon chose their claim a mile north of the parental [Noah Good] home." (11 p129)

Anna Good Shupe buried in Weaver Cemetery, MO.

More on Emanuel and Anna. (14)


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2. Buried in Catlin Community Cemetery.

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