Andrew Good

1841 Dec 5: Born in Hocking Co., OH to John S. Good and Sarah Grimm. (1, p26) (2 JSG-003)

1864 Sep: Andrew comes to Iowa. (2 JSG-003)

1868 Nov 29: Andrew Good marries Ann Maria Engle in Page Co., IA (1, p26)

  1869 Aug 20: Ida Melissa

1869 Feb: Andrew leaves Iowa with his brother Joseph G. Good, "driving through in a wagon in 10 days in the month of Feb. and went to the home of Jacob Brenneman, Jasper Co., MO." (1, p26)

1870 Dec 11: Ann Maria Engle Good dies. Hers is the first grave in Weaver Cemetery, MO, near Oronogo, MO. (1, p26)

This date of death comes from Ann Maria's grave marker. Her date of death reported in (1, p26) is 1869 Dec 14, almost a year earlier.

1878 Feb 7: Andrew Good marries Susan Snively in Page Co., IA. (1, p26)

  ____ ___ __: Noah Lee (adopted)

1879: Andrew is chosen minister of the Mennonite church in Shambaugh, IA. (1, p26)

1890 Nov 5: Susan dies and is buried in Butler Cemetery. (1, p26)

1890 Dec: Andrew moves to Cass Co., MO. (1, p26)

1891: With his daughter Ida and son Noah, Andrew moves to Harper, KS to become the second minister of the Pleasant Valley Mennonite Church. (3 p273)

1898 Feb 19: Andrew preaches his farewell sermon in Harper. (3 p273)

1898 Feb 22: Ida marries Daniel G. Lapp from Roseland, Nebraska, and Andrew and son Noah go to live with the Lapps in Roseland. (3 p273)

1902: Andrew returns to Harper for short time. (3 p273)

1930 Jul 12: Andrew dies, and he is buried in a Mennonite cemetery at Roseland, NB. (1, p26)


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