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Donald I Good

Good   •   Gaiser   •   Huguenin   •   Lauck
Arriving from Europe, 1727-1878

Peabody, KS

These pages give a glimpse into the evolving story of the family heritage of Irvin and Jane Good of Peabody, Kansas. This is a story about emigrating from western Europe from 1727 to 1878, migrating west with an expanding United States of America, settling on the rich farm land of the great plains of central Kansas, and a rural way of life that rapidly is vanishing. This story is being written from historical and genealogical sources and from those family artifacts and papers that often are treasured possessions of family relatives near and far. It is intended for future generations who may wish to know something of their family heritage, and for any others who might be interested.

Irvin Good (1908-1971) was the son of farmer I. B. Good and his wife Lizzie Gaiser, and eventually, Irvin would take over their family farm. The Good family came from Germany to Lancaster county Pennsylvania in 1727. After the American Revolution, successive generations moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, to Fairfield county Ohio, and finally to farms near Versailles, Missouri and then Peabody, Kansas. All of these generations of the Good family were farmers. As their children chose other lives, Irvin and his brother Floyd brought to a close the farming chapter in the history of this line of the Good family.

Jane Huguenin (1914-2001) was the daughter of grocer Oscar Huguenin and his wife Pearl Lauck. Jane was Irvin's enthusiastic partner in farming and raising their family of four. Her Huguenin grandparents emigrated from Neuchâtel, Switzerland to Peabody in 1878. After their marriage in 1914, Oscar and Pearl moved from Peabody to farms near Stanford, Montana (where Jane and her brother Wesley were born) and then near Sejita, Texas and finally back to the Peabody area where Oscar decided to sell food rather than raise it.

The histories of the Good, Gaiser, and Lauck families in Europe are largely unknown and remain to be discovered. I would be happy to hear from anyone who can help fill some of those gaps.

Once these four ancestral families found their way to Peabody, most of them stayed. This area was Irvin and Jane's home, and it also was the home of their parents and grandparents. This too reflects a way of life that is disappearing as our lives become more mobile.

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o Donald I Good, "Family History," (Accessed 2012 Apr 9). This is the starting point for some history about my Good, Gaiser, Huguenin and Lauck ancestors.

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