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1861-1865 - Online Resources

"The Civil War," (Son of the South, 2008; accessed 2009 Oct 31).

The Valley of the Shadow  - Two Communities in the American Civil War.  Site index.

"The Valley of the Shadow Project takes two communities, one Northern and one Southern, through the experience of the American Civil War. The project is a hypermedia archive of thousands of sources for the period before, during, and after the Civil War for Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Those sources include newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, maps, church records, population census, agricultural census, and military records. Students can explore every dimension of the conflict and write their own histories, reconstructing the life stories of women, African Americans, farmers, politicians, soldiers, and families. The project is intended for secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, and universities."

John L. Heatwole, The Burning: Sheridan's Devastation of the Shenandoah Valley (Charlottesville, Virginia: Rockbridge Publishing, 1998).

Personal Accounts

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