Good Family

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Sons of the Soil

When the ship Molly arrived in Philadelphia in 1727, German immigrant Peter Gut stepped into the English colony of Pennsylvania, stretched, gave thanks for once again having his feet on solid ground, pledged loyalty to King George, and began a new life in the new world on a farm in Lancaster County. In 1732, at age 20, his son Jacob followed him across the Atlantic, and in 1738 he purchased from John Penn a homestead along Muddy Creek near what later would become the town of Bowmansville. Parts of that homestead remained in the Good family until 2007.

Our ancestors who descended from Peter and Jacob were Mennonite and Dunkard farmers who moved west with the expansion of the USA. From Lancaster they moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, to central Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, and finally to a farm northwest of Peabody, Kansas. There, the westward migration ended as Irvin spent his entire 62 years on that Peabody farm in the very same house where he was born. As their children moved on to other lives, Irvin and his brother Floyd were the last of this line of family farmers.

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David Good 1809

Joel Good 1835

Isaac B. Good 1869

Irvin Good 1908

Don Good 1942

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